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Car accident that occurred in children

Doel is a child of a famous musician from Indonesia named Ahmad Dhani .
Doel Ahmad Dhani serious car accident that resulted in six people dead .

Car accident suffered by his son Ahmad Dani Dul become a hot topic in recent days , of course, because his father is a famous musician and certainly known by many people . Latest news about the accident Doel Ahmad Dani into the news a lot of people want to know . Given the very young age invites concern for many people . By the age of 12 years certainly did not deserve to drive a car , let alone driven is kind Sporty Car that has middling speed .. wus wus .. ! Fortunately not a rental car he was driving the car , but a private car which would have been his existing car insurance .

If only the badly damaged car is definitely not a big problem for the rich as Ahmad Dhani , but if the person is seriously injured ? Although a Life Insurance was not able to replace it lives .
Car accident Doel Achmad Dhani
His father Doel " Ahmad Dhani " feel very guilty for the incident that occurred at her youngest son 's full name is Ahmad Abdul Qadir Jilani or familiarly called Dul . As is known Dul and friends her age , Noval 's new direction involved crash in Bogor KM 8 Jagorawi . Six people were killed in the incident . Nine others were injured . Dul itself suffered broken bones and multiple bruises on his body .

Heard the news , Dhani shock . He immediately moved his son from the hospital to RSPI Meilia Cibubur , South Jakarta . Seto Mulyadi , observers visited the child in RSPI Dul said , Dhani concerned and feel guilty . In fact , he wanted to replace Dul penalty when his youngest son was later subject to Article criminality . Dul not only with negligent driving , but also did not have a license and underage .

" Mas Dhani confirms why should Dul convicted , not him as a parent . According remain on parents' fault , " Seto said when met at RSPI .

According to personal Seto , both parties , both children and parents should share responsibility in this regard . Although still a minor , he did not deny Dul still be punished . Origin , there is restorative justice . Punishment should consider the interests of the child .

"If convicted , not just diesel . Hover best . Though there is Article 310 of the negligence of traffic, children can not be treated like an adult , " said Seto explained .

Whatever it is , the important thing now is to restore the condition of Dul . Not only physically , but also mentally . Because , Dul suffered terrible trauma . Not just because of an accident , but the loss of life he caused. For that , he needed psychological assistance .

Meanwhile Ahmad Dhani itself has not given a statement to the media about his son 's accident . But through the Twitter account , Dhani had condolences to the families of accident victims . He also asked for prayers for the victims who were operated on , and his son , Dul .
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